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Btw wc pan 53 cm

    The Ego collection 53 cm toilet bowl created by the designer Simone Anzellini is a versatile toilet that can flawlessly furnish a classy bathroom. The 53 cm Ego toilet, with WB5N fixing screws, can also be purchased in the version with a close-coupled cistern, which is a beautiful, water-saving toilet. The ultra-modern and ergonomic 53 cm Ego toilet can be easily cleaned and combined with other bathroom fixtures of the same collection as well as with furnishing accessories that Simone Anzellini has designed to provide a complete bathroom decoration.

    The 53 cm Ego toilet bowl: aesthetics and quality

    The 53 cm Ego toilet is the highest expression of a perfect aesthetic representation thanks to the use of Italian made, high quality materials. That is why the toilet, as well as the bidet and the washbasin, are an example of timeless sanitary ware in terms of style and production. The 53 cm Ego toilet bowl, with its rectangular shape and its rounded edges, is a simple, essential, long-lasting and ever trendy bathroom fixture. Designed paying attention to contemporary trends, this toilet is the perfect synthesis of tradition and innovation, a feature that allows it to replace any existing toilet without affecting the appearance of the bathroom.

    The 53 cm Ego toilet bowl is a mixture of modern and classic style elements

    With particular care having been given to every detail, the 53 cm Ego toilet is the result of the right mix of modern and classic elements that, in a perfect blend of the two concepts, evoke an idyllic visual pleasantness, made of brightness and harmony. The 53 cm Ego toilet has also been planned to perfectly meet any need of design, providing the bathroom great elegance and convenience. Choosing to install the 53 cm Ego toilet means giving shape to a bathroom that stands out for its relaxing atmosphere, also created by the whiteness of high-quality Italian ceramic that it is made of. The same ceramic also contributes to the chromatic intensity making a perfect environment to experience in everyday life.