Ego, a collection of toilets, bidets and washbasins designed by Simone Anzellini, can be defined as a rectangle with no sharp edges as if symbolizing the personality of a man, strong but at the same time weakened by the external environment. The Ego collection is able to integrate in space and express itself in various forms of design. Rounded edges wisely mix classical and modern elements. In fact, according to the concepts and precepts of design, a classical bathroom is characterized by sinuous, rounded and slightly baroque-style shapes, while a modern bathroom should have squared, linear, clean and essential sanitary ware.

Classic or modern? A rational opinion of design

Ego is a fusion of two different concepts; a design that does not confuse, but that takes advantage of the best of classic and modern. Ego provides aesthetic pleasure, harmony in shapes and a perfect response to projecting needs which aim to achieve an eclectic mixture of style, accepting the formal moderation of these styles and taking no risks. Elegance is given by the fine lines and the brightness of the high-quality Italian ceramic that contributes to create a strange mood between relaxation and elegance, providing the environment with unparalleled class and refinement. This collection of toilets, bidets and washbasins is suitable for the most diverse bathrooms, because its clean and harmonious lines provide endless solutions for interior designers who can also coordinate tiling, bathtubs and the most suitable and creative interior design items.

Toilets and bidets: the high standards

The toilets and bidets in this collection are part of a set and have different features and sizes. The water-saving flushing system can be 3 Lt or 6 Lt, much less than outdated 11 Lt-flushing system. If you are looking for small toilets and bidets with WB5N fixing screws, you can choose the 46 cm width. Otherwise, the standard size of the sanitary ware is 53 cm in width. Easy to clean, space-saving and modern in style, there is also a set of wall-hung toilets and bidets with a soundproof membrane (a special rubber template that absorbs shocks and muffles sound). Of course, there are also the close-coupled toilets, available in two versions: the first with WB5N fixing screws and cistern placed on the WC. The second one composed of a toilet and the "Unica" wall mounted cistern with an inner dual flush system produced by Geberit.

Which washbasin to choose?

Ego washbasins are the best product in terms of size and installation. Both large and small washbasins are available, but, in any case, all the washbasins can be either wall-hung or free-standing. Two ideal solutions for a bathroom, inspired by the modern style with hints of sinuous roundness. The sizes of Ego rectangular washbasins range from 50 cm to 90 cm in width Kerasan, thanks to an awareness of the contemporary needs of those who wish to buy top-class bathroom fixtures, is able to pay particular attention to every detail: from the choice of raw materials to design, leaving nothing to chance.