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Rectangular wall hung wc

    The Cento WC pan: elegant and clean lines

    The Cento WC pan is part of the sanitary ware collection developed thanks to the artistic flair of the French designer Marc Sadler.
    It is an elegant, suspended, rectangular toilet bowl that stands out for the great simplicity of its linear design, which characterize the regular shape of the toilet as well as of all the other bathroom fixture of the Cento collection. Based on a rectangle, this toilet is timeless, it enriches the bathroom and matches perfectly with the existing pieces of furniture or bathroom fixtures, satisfying every aesthetic request and space requirement.

    The Cento WC pan: a versatile and high-quality bathroom fixture

    The Cento toilet, manufactured with first-choice Italian made vitreous china, is a versatile bathroom element, which offers everyone the chance to have different furnishing solutions both in their home or at their business. This WC pan is characterized by a regular size that is common to every other bathroom fixture of the Cento collection:  it is 100 mm in height at the front area, thus the name of the entire collection.

    The Cento toilet

    All bathrooms will be everlasting with this toilet because the essential and clean lines of the entire collection will be unaffected by time or fashion. It is a low-risk investment in sanitary ware, it has a strong and easily adaptable nature that will never look old and will never go out of fashion. A truly unique toilet bowl that will enhance every bathroom.