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Rectangular wall hung bidet

    A resourceful space with the Cento suspended bidet

    The Cento suspended bidet is the outcome of the creative flair of the French designer Marc Sadler and it is the ideal bidet for furnishing a versatile and comfortable bathroom.
    Suspended sanitary ware, as you probably know, allows you to have a sufficiently larger floor area, in order to move around freely.
    The Cento wall-hung bidet fits perfectly even in smaller spaces, helping to create a bathroom that is the core of a practical, functional and relaxing house. Characterized by a square shape, the Cento collection wall-mounted bidet is distinguished by the size of 100 mm of the ring edge, a recurring measure that gives the Italian name to the entire collection. In fact, both the thickness of the ring edge and the deck on which the taps should be placed are 100 mm.

    The Cento Suspended bidet: a charming versatility

    The Cento wall-hung bidet, with its clean and frilly lines, is a timeless bathroom that creates furnishing solutions that never go out of fashion. Thanks to its veritably amazing versatility, this classic style sanitary ware is essential to decorate customized interiors, but it is also a perfect solution in bathrooms furnished with very different styles. Made of high-grade Italian vitreous china, this bidet contributes to create a functional and charming bathroom thanks to its extraordinary beauty.