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Rectangular Btw wc pan

    The Cento extended toilet: the high precision of squared shapes

    The Cento extended toilet, created by the French designer Marc Sadler, is a rigorous rectangle made of superior quality Italian vitreous china. The toilet has a specific size that recurs in all the other bathroom fixtures of the same collection, for example, the bidets and washbasins, giving the Italian name to the Cento product line. In fact, the thickness of the edge is 100 mm, like the width of the deck on which the taps are positioned. The extended toilet is a timeless sanitary fixture which never goes out of fashion, but that becomes, over the years, a real classic contributing to create a trendy bathroom.

    The Cento extended toilet: a sanitary ware with salient features

    The toilet pan of the Cento collection is characterised by clean, essential, eye-catching lines. Without any frills, this sanitary ware features a strong nature and can make the difference in any bathroom. It is a sanitary ware that makes a good impression and influences the overall appearance and creates welcoming atmospheres aimed at rest and relaxation.
    The Cento extended toilet stands out for its rim 100 mm; it is a simple and elegant floor-mounted toilet, as well as a practical, functional and aesthetically pleasing bathroom accessory.