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Oval Close coupled bidet

    The trendy lines of the Cento collection extended bidet

    The line is called Cento, meaning one hundred in Italian, and there are a hundred reasons why the sanitary ware included in this collection should be chosen to decorate one’s bathroom. They have been purposely designed to make the bathroom not only a utility room, but to make it appropriate for a call of nature or for personal care.
    The oval single-hole Cento bidet is the most elegant product of the whole collection and it gives a touch of originality to an area of the house which is often very difficult to furnish and, above all, to customise. The upper part is slightly extended, in the sense that it seems to lean forward, while the base is fixed to the floor. The decision to abstain from producing the suspended variation is dictated by the clear desire to give the structure this characteristic elongated shape, which is the hallmark of bathroom sanitary ware that is unrivalled on the market.

    An oval shape with a strong nature

    As for design, this single-hole bidet has an oval shape that fits well into trendy, contemporary settings. The edges are reduced to a minimum, but close to the mixer tap there is still enough space for a soap dispenser or whatever is necessary. In a contemporary style bathroom, accessories make the difference: they should be carefully chosen in order to soften the excessive seriousness of a bathroom entirely made of white porcelain.