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Oval Btw wc pan

    The inimitable design of the extended oval toilet

    When it comes to choosing furniture and bathroom fixtures, buyers are divided into two groups: those who are attracted by the important volume and angular shapes and those who, contrarily, are oriented toward the clean and enveloping lines of a modern style.
    The classic style is characterized by a solid geometry beyond imagination, whereas the modern style has blunt edges and different roundness designed to make the atmosphere less gloomy.
    The extended toilet belongs to the second category, being characterized by an oval shape that is very trendy nowadays.
    It is not so easy to describe its shape: on a structural level it is fixed directly to the floor, but the schematics of the base is dampened by the toilet itself that seems to protrude outwards without ever losing its typical rounded shape.

    A contemporary style toilet that suits different settings

    The extended oval toilet of the Cento line is, undoubtedly, a unique sanitary ware in its kind.
    There are plenty of similar toilets on the market, but it is precisely the extension of the toilet, in other words the swelling on the back, that makes the difference in terms of design and beauty. Sincerely, this is the feature that impresses the buyer and convinces him to choose this fixture in order to complete the furnishing of a room that deserves the same consideration as the other rooms in the house. As for the setting, this toilet is quite versatile: even though its shape is so undeniably modern, nothing forbids you to position it in a less contemporary style context. This does not mean that it is out of place in a classic style bathroom decorated with bronze taps, but, if necessary, it can be combined with a sink in a very different style. The result of this combination could indeed be very interesting and revive the bathroom even more.