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Close coupled bidet

    The Cento single-hole bidet: design and materials enliven the environment

    The Cento single-hole bidet is a rectangular shaped sanitary fixture made of fine Italian vitreous china, which can enliven the bathroom with class and simplicity. This sanitary fixture, a result of the creativity of the designer Marc Sadler, together with the other elements of this collection, is strictly related to the number one hundred that gives the name to the entire collection. In fact, the whole collection is characterised by a 100 mm height and thickness, a result of studies that have developed everlasting elements which go beyond fashion and time.

    The Cento single-hole bidet: solid and functional

    The secret of an airy, beautiful and functional bathroom is in the choice of bathroom fixtures. The Cento bidet is a solid and shock-proof fixture, a timeless and elegant product. It is part of a simple collection materialising in a clean shape with a lively temper. A square bidet that, thanks to the 100 mm of the front edge, alone or in combination with other fixtures, contributes to furnish a comfortable, convenient and stylish bathroom in which adults and children will enjoy rest and relaxation.