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Close coupled bidet

    The Bit suspended bidet: a beautiful bathroom fixture for a significant living space

    The wall-mounted bidet of the Bit collection is a good-looking sanitary fixture which furnishes, with enthusiasm, a considerably important living space, one of the most frequently used places in the entire house, that is the bathroom. A union of shape and function, this sanitary ware, made of high-quality Italian vitreous china, is the perfect solution to enhance small and medium-sized bathrooms. With its special smooth, rounded shape, this bidet allows a better use of space, making the room airier, dynamic, practical and more functional. It is an aesthetically pleasing piece of sanitary ware for a classy bathroom that makes you fall in love.

    Quality in the bathroom: The Bit suspended bidet

    Sturdy and easy to clean, the wall-mounted Bit bidet is a top-quality fixture which enhances every bathroom thanks to its frame and the brightness of the glaze. A bathroom fixture characterized by a design which is compatible with different furniture styles. This means that this bidet can satisfy both aesthetic and functional needs in the best possible way. With its fluid and homogeneous outline, the suspended Bit bidet is a solution of unequalled elegance, a combination of allure and quality. It can be placed in bathrooms with a mixed style furniture, but also in classic and modern style rooms aiming to create a perfect setting where rest and relaxation prevail and a sense of harmony, reflected in the entire house, develops.