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Ceramic Lamp

    The Bentley collection ceramic lamp is a stylish piece of furniture, perfect for a room furnished either in modern or classic style. The white ceramic suits any type of furniture very well. Bentley excels in their attention to detail and their high quality of both materials and production. The lamp is Italian-made and guaranteed by the great experience of Kerasan, an international company which has specialised in bathroom furniture and sanitary ware for over 50 years. The Bentley ceramic lamp boasts simple but essential lines, which make this lamp a sought-after object of design capable of tastefully furnishing the bathroom. The Bentley ceramic lamp can be placed anywhere in the bathroom thanks to its reduced size, but it can also provide lighting for any type of room. Its user-friendliness and the quality of the lighting perfectly match Kerasan and Bentley’s concept of a refined and elegant, comfortable and functional bathroom.