Freestanding washbasin Barrel wall outlet

Freestanding washbasin Barrel floor outlet

The Barrel washbasin, a surprising bathroom fixture

The Barrel washbasin is not only a sink: it can become a heater, an interior design item or whatever else your imagination, creativity or furnishing requirements inspire. The Barrel washbasin, of versatile and revolutionary design, is a multi-functional item, a unique element that masterfully reflects the new trends in home decor, going beyond the most classic definitions and pre-organized categories aimed to develop custom designed living spaces.

A new design and a strong nature

The Barrel washbasin is part of the Artwork collection. It was designed by Michele Lisco, a designer inspired by the typical metal barrels for oil, so much so, that he drew a free-standing sink capable of giving each environment an industrial and, at the same time, refined touch. Standing on the ground, it looks like a stable cylindrical keg with an attractive appearance made even more unique by a ribbing that recalls the oil barrel icon from which it draws inspiration. Available with floor or wall outlet, the Barrel sink can be combined with wall or freestanding washbasin mixer standpipe in a modern style.
Prints, colours or metal paints can cover the traditional ceramic ware with originality

Made of high-quality ceramic ware, the Barrel washbasin ensures excellent standards of solidity, resistance and durability. Its high thermoresistant surfaces allow different uses and enable you to personalise it as you wish. Consistent with its original and flexible nature, the Barrel washbasin can be decorated with prints, images or phrases chosen by the customer. It is available in many different colours: total-white, black, combinations of contrasting shades that can brighten it up or it can be enhanced by exclusive shades like matte burgundy or cobalt blue. This sink can also be produced in luxurious metal finishes such as bronze, silver, platinum, rust and yellow or rose gold.