The bathroom takes on a new life to become home to new shapes, an artistic look that dares to go completely against every norm. The Moloco washbasins, Groove urinals and Moscardino and Cow stools speak of sculpture, yet do not dispense with the essential nature of their purpose.

Artwork collection takes us to an imaginary world where there is no boundary between dreams and reality, where even the impossible becomes possible. Objects from everyday life materialise in reality and bless us with the emotions of dreams and childhood wonder. Nature teaches us that shape is determined by the function to be performed: these textural objects, along with forms inspired by nature, amaze and surprise us in virtue of their variety and placement. Noble materials, expert craftsmanship and the application of state-of-the-art technology are all used to produce art works of high visual impact, furnishing elements which transcend function and become timeless icons of modernity.