The bathroom takes on a new life to become home to new shapes, an artistic look that dares to contradict every norm. The Moloco washbasins, Groove urinals and Moscardino and Cow stools speak of sculpture, yet do not dispense with the essential nature of their purpose.

The Artwork collection lets your imagination fly away, where the boundary between dream and reality does not exist, where even the impossible becomes possible, where everyday objects materialize and transmit the excitement of dreaming. They express the amazement of our childhood. Nature teaches us that shapes are strictly related to their performance. These inanimate objects, these shapes, inspired by nature, strike and surprise the buyer for their originality. The noble material of which they are made, through the manufacturing process of expert hands and the use of high technology, give rise to sculptures, works of art with a strong visual impact, furnishing elements that go beyond their use and become timeless style icons.

Kerasan has taken on a new challenge with the Artwork collection because they have aimed at combining the strength of materials used with the creativity of sculpture, without forgetting the functionality of every single bathroom fixture.

The Artwork concept has been designed to enrich very special bathrooms, both private and public ones, especially those located in typical restaurants and trendy bars. All the sanitary ware and accessories of this product line, from the washbasins to the urinals, have curious and original shapes, sometimes impressive, always noticeable. Thanks to the creativity and the genius of their designers and technical artists, Kerasan aims at amazing their clientele by giving new life to a fundamental accessory such as a bathroom fixture. Let's discover together the whole Artwork collection which, as the name suggests, is the perfect and harmonious combination of creativity and functionality. This collection represents a mysterious and fascinating journey through lines, shapes and flairs.

Moloco: the sculpture sink

Moloco is the imposing and sculptural sink of the Artwork collection: it stands on the floor and shines in its own light thanks to the original and unusual shape. It is a free-standing washbasin suitable for furnishing a sumptuous large-size bathroom, but also a luxurious living room or the garden of a mansion as it can be used as an original fountain. It is available for S-trap or P-trap installation and it can be accompanied by a wall-mounted or free-standing water tap.

The figure of a human face recalls many spiritual understandings and quotes, such as the surreal and enigmatic figures of Magritte, or the ancient cave paintings of our primitive ancestors. Its sculptural and imposing outline can also be linked to tribal drums beating African rhythms.

Moloco, 94 cm high, is a very functional and convenient washbasin thanks to its spatial dimensions and water-resistant and antibacterial coating which protects the finest ceramic ware from scratches and staining.


Groove is a sculpture urinal that shocks any customer: for this product, Kerasan’s designers and technical artists were inspired by Marcel Duchamp’s genius, a French American painter and sculptor who produced Fountain in 1917 and whose works are associated with Cubism, Dada and conceptual art.

Dadaist artists viewed manufactured objects as works of art, namely “ready-mades”, adding signatures to some of them and converting them into artwork. According to one version, the creation of Fountain began when Duchamp purchased a standard Bedfordshire model urinal from the J. L. Mott Iron Works and once back home, he reoriented it at a 90 degrees angle from its originally intended position of use and wrote on it "R. Mutt 1917". That's how a fine ceramic flower like Groove became a bathroom fixture suitable for a unique bathroom. Groove can fit into different settings, both public and private ones, but can also be used in a garden where it will serve as an unusual and striking fountain.

Other accessories of the Artwork collection

To complete this special collection, Kerasan has produced ceramic accessories such as Moscardino and Cow stools and the Barrel sink that looks like a petrol barrel. Once again, an everyday object stands as a work of art, and offers a new life to the product.

Kerasan offers free-standing stainless-steel mixer taps and many other stylish accessories.